Lighting the world with Thione Niang

Lighting the world with Thione Niang

He was born in Senegal (Africa) in a family of 28 members; that fact made Thione exceptionally good at organizing people for a common cause. Seeing the potential of their peers to shape the economic and political future is one of his talents.

Niang founded The Give One Project, a global organization that is focused on inspiring and recruiting young people in order to give them a social and political purpose in their communities. Give one currently operates in France, USA, Canada and around West Africa. The organization has given courage to many young activists to become leaders in their communities and impact the environment in which they live. He also created an online forum called The Thione Niang Show, that forum is dedicated to the discussion and awareness of arts, culture, economics and politics.

In 2011, Thione was named one of America’s Ten Most Daring young black activists, and he continued traveling the world, speaking to young people about leadership and service. Pere Granados, along with the Councillor for Economic Development, Marc Montagut received Thione Niang, who is also the Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Young Democrats of America. During the meeting, Granados and Niang and exchanged views on the contemporary worldwide monetary and political situation as well as on intercultural coexistence and ways of integration between immigrants.

Granados, discussed some details about the Catalan culture, and discussed the different communities living in town such as the Senegal one. Niang explained various initiatives promoted by the Young Democrats of America and details of the various international meetings. After the meeting, the Mayor of Salou handed a souvenir of the city representing the young American.

Thione is an activist, a community leader, political consultant and lecturer in events organized by schools, youth organizations and local, national, and international government agencies. Thione has given lectures on five different continents. He keeps up with a philosophy that gives purpose to his life, he loves to serve people and their communities which is measured by the lives he touches.