Ameera Shah is building a healthy future


Not everything is about money and Ameera Shah is the living example. She had a great job at New York City bud did not feel satisfied with it. She was only 21 years old when she asked herself what she really wanted to do. Her father had a lot to do with her decision; he told her that if she wanted to be an executive she should stay in New York but if she wanted to become an Entrepreneur she would have to return to her native land: India.

Ameera Shah is building a healthy future

By the time she came back in 2001 she realized it was not going to be easy. She had never worked at an Indian Lab before and quickly saw the lack of resources, and not just scientific resources but the basic ones: e-mails, computers, systems and more. There was just one person taking calls and writing the messages on post-its. In order to evolve Shah decided to make some changes to her father’s laboratory, her new working area.

The first step was updating the systems, and then bringing in more talented people to work with, creating new departments, computerize them and finally expand beyond Mumbai. Having graduated from Harvard Business School and also gotten a Finance degree from The University of Texas (Austin) Ameera had every available tool at her disposal to transform her father’s small laboratory into a successful company.

In 2002 the facility called Metropolis Healthcare Ltd had become into a multinational under Ameera’s care, with over 800 centers across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia; not to mention the staff composed by 10.000 hospitals and laboratories and over 50.000 physicians. Metropolis has grown into other service lines for the past 10 years, such as Clinical Research, Wellness Solutions, and more services intended to maintain a top facility.

Sharah has been awarded several times for her work and has been included on the Forbes Asia list due to the success on her projects. As for now, she continues her growth and experiencing the positive results of the work her and her colleagues have been doing.