Álvaro Cuadrado has no limits

With just 19 years old, he created his first company, a film production company that has now filmed in over 30 countries. Later, Cuadrado founded Swing28, a comprehensive media marketing agency (he is the creative director) with over 100 campaigns, operating in 20 countries, such agency, invests 100% of its profits in social projects.

Álvaro Cuadrado has no limits

Álvaro also founded and is president of SQUAREVENTURES: Group of enterprises where he is focused on social labor and leads over 15 business projects with the single goal of improving the world. Among the companies that are part of SQUAREVENTURES, there is: 28 NORTH productions (film producer), Swing28 (Advertising Agency), PromoHOGARES (sectoral Advertising Agency), BLACKPAGE (creativity Consultant) and PERSONAL BRANDING (Advertising agency sector).

When Cuadrado was 17 years old, he arrived to Madrid where he developed his career and created his first company two years later. The concept of creativity has been his focal point from the very start, every single company of his is related to it. He has over 10 years of experience working in the field and over25 awards and official selections.

He has been named Peace Ambassador by UNESCO, he was also a Proyecta Awards finalist in the Festival of the Americas and the Santa Maria Awards in Europe. A winner of the International Festival El Sector Innovation Awards URJC of the Concilia Awards, the Bancaja Awards Entrepreneurship and UCM award for best speaker at Connect and undertakes. Álvaro Cuadrado represents 150,000 young entrepreneurs in Spain and America as Senior Vice President in AJE Madrid (Association of Young Entrepreneurs – Asociación de Jóvenes Emprendedores), where the Marketing Commission & Content chairs, collaborates with leading projects and ATTACH CEAJE, Álvaro is part of the Youth Council of CISM.

From his very early years, Cuadrado wanted to be a filmmaker and did everything to become one, starting as a young nobody gave him opportunities and he decided to take them. This young entrepreneur is working towards a better world though many of his projects, non-stop.