An inside look to the entrepreneur Carlota Mateos

Rusticae was founded in 1996, Carlota Mateos and Isabel Llorens made it possible. Rusticae is a quality club of small hotels in Spain. During the past 15 years, they have expanded the business to four countries and have developed new business projects as Degustae, club restaurants with honest cooking that brings together over 100 restaurants in Spain, or Ecosostenible Suite and Viajera, which open the door to reformulate the future of the Spanish hotel industry.

An inside look to the entrepreneur Carlota Mateos

Carlota is also the coauthor of the Pioneers book. Rusticae history for enterprise has been awarded, among others, with the ASTER Award for Best Entrepreneur 2008, the FEDEPE Award for Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 and the First Madrid Emprende Prize in 2011.

Rusticae project was born when two young entrepreneurs, Carlota Mateos and Isabel Llorens, decided to start a project, through a small boutique hotel, located in Asturias, where they learned that the real magic is in trivial things, the specifics, the things that are barely perceptible but that touch our soul. Rusticae helps to designate the top boutique hotels, and it offers the distinction of an exclusive brand, plus a very powerful platform for promotion and marketing.

Speaking of entrepreneurs, it is necessary to talk about the advantages of being one, such as “freedom”, but there are also serious disadvantages of being an entrepreneur, Carlota states: you put on such an effort, more than someone else and your mind does not disconnect. Being the entrepreneur is a full-time work .

Carlota leaves us a set of secrets or tips, which are nice to keep in mind for all those who begin the adventure of entrepreneurship, to succeed with their project: self-confidence, passion for what you do, it should be your fuel. Always try to listen to those that want to help, surround yourself with hard working people and positive energies. Total adaptability to changes and new trends. And of course, embrace new technologies, even if you do not understand them sometimes.