Lorenzo Borghese. Treating pets as if they were Royalty


Born in Milan (Italy), 1972. Prince Lorenzo is a known Italian / American business man, animal advocate and entrepreneur. He studied at the USA and got a business degree in 2001 at the Fordham Graduate School of Business. He is also linked to the Borghese cosmetics line that was founded by his paternal grandmother in 1958.

Lorenzo Borghese. Treating pets as if they were Royalty

He was granted wishes, he has worked on television and he continuously helps animals. Animal Aid USA is a nonprofit organization Borghese founded in 2011. He works as acting president there. The foundation’s main goal is to rescue and relocate animals, put them into loving homes or shelters were they get all the care and love they need and trying to change laws to put an end to animal cruelty.

The American Humane Association has him as an ambassador as well as the ASPCA plus he is an active board member at the Canine Wounded Heroes. There is a line of products that Lorenzo came up with called The Royal Treatment, there are all kinds of products aimed for pets: bath products, body and skin care, fragrances and more that can be found across USA and HSN (a TV station). Such products are made with organic ingredients from Italy.

Among Borghese businesses are: cosmetic lines (for people), Rumgolf (a line of products that include beer, clothes and a masculine skincare line. Besides his success at the business area he has been involved in charity. Including a participation in 2013 at the Make-A-Wish Foundation, he granted a wish to a young lady; the wish was to dance with a prince.

Lorenzo has been awarded several times due to his hard work as an advocate regarding animal rights. In 2014 the Animal Advocacy Award honored him and the Pet Philanthropy Circle gave him the Pet Hero Humanitarian Award.