Talented and activist Emma Watson

This young actress is one of those special cases that rarely happen in show business, allowing the public to witness her growth and development both physically and professional as an artist. But this British actress is just not interested in playing parts; she has a degree in English Literature and is involved in many charitable causes.

Talented and activist Emma Watson

Let us also remember the positive speech that Watson gave on the importance of gender equality at the UN Assembly couple years ago as a goodwill ambassador for UN Women. There is also that statement she did for Time magazine saying that the struggle for women’s rights is completely bound up with the woman she is, it is so ingrained into her as a commitment.

Emma is one of the most acclaimed actors of the highest-grossing film franchise in recent years: Harry Potter, she reached that role at the early age of eleven. Watson played Hermione Granger, one of Potter’s best friends during their adventures that dominated the big screen between 2001 and 2011.

Emma was born in Paris 22 in 1990. His parents were of English origin living in the European city when Emma was born, five years later they would settle in England. During the first year of living in the UK, Emma, ​​began to express their desire to become an actress. After a casting she got picked to be part of the Harry Potter saga. Her charisma and talent made the producers chose her to play one of the film’s vital roles.

Even though they spent most of their teenage years on film sets, Watson and her co-stars Radcliffe and Grint kept up with their educations.  She took high school equivalency exams, and got high scores in every subject. Watson took a year off from school to film, but went back to school shortly after.

Watson kept on starring movies such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower and more. She is also involved with CAMFED International, which is dedicated to African Girls’ education, People Tree, and Global Green USA, which is focused on sustainability and preservation of the environment.