A different way to see the world

Mukunda Angulo is an actor, artist and filmmaker from New York City. He is one of the six brothers who featured in the acclaimed, Sundance Grand Jury prize-winning documentary, “The Wolfpack”. This film is inspired on Mukunda and his brothers, who were raised in New York public housing apartment apart from society because of their father, who was paranoid about the dangers the kids would have outside home and for that reason, he used to lock the whole family inside.

A different way to see the world

The parents had met in Peru lots of years ago, when his mother was a hippy around the world, and his father was a touristic guide there, in Machu Picchu. They fell in love and decided to start a new life together. However, as a philosophy of life, the father decided not to work in any regular employment. They lived thanks to the allowance that the mother received from the government for raising the kids.

All the brothers has Sanskrit names, such as Bhagavan, Govinda and Narayana (twins), Mukunda, Krisna, Jagadisa, and the elder sister, Visnu. All of them participated in the own projects created by themselves, playing the movies they knew so well, the only representation of the world in that apartment; they used to make their costumes, repeat the dialogues in the movies and be obsessive with them. At the age of 15, Mukunda was the first to leave the place for the first time and creating many new events in their lives.

The current producer of the documental says she met them running one behind the other in New York and she instinctively went for them to know a little bit more of their lives. She found them very well educated and creative.

Since the film was launched, Mukunda has travelled around the world meeting famous people he met in films from his childhood and has spoken in many talk shows.