Everything you want to learn, in 30 days

Connor Grooms is a young American entrepreneur who has visited over 40 countries around the world. He has met people from everywhere and they know him as their close friend.

Everything you want to learn, in 30 days

He used to be a skinny boy, and by himself, he decided to gain weight and he achieved it, in less than a month. How did he do to accomplish such a goal in so short time? Well, his motto is, once you have decided to get your goal, then you have to go for it, it is not negotiable to make changes in your plan.

Recently, Connor was in Colombia and he realized he was not able to understand a word in Spanish. So, he decided to apply his life philosophy to this new challenge, and went for a professional bunch of specialists around the world by internet and found the best of them just to settle down a plan to speak Spanish as soon as he could.

That was how he found a languages teacher in Medellin and started to take his teachers advices in order to improve his pronunciation, vocabulary and a lot of conversation. At the beginning, he was not able to say many words. But, as time went by and he kept on his plan, at the end of a month, he got it. He was now able to understand and follow a fluent conversation in Spanish!

After having this experience, Connor created BaseLang, a language company aimed to teach Spanish to English speakers around the world. He made a team of great Spanish teachers who are able to teach using Skype to their students in the worldwide.

Connor has repeated his formula in several businesses and it has worked. He has been a speaker in several countries and events around the world encouraging people to make their dreams plans to be accomplished.

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