Konstantin Avdienko, ideas for poorer countries

He is only 18 and from Russia and has become a leader in electronics-recycling energy in Moscow. He also holds a mechanical engineering and computer science double major at the University of San Diego diploma, and has shown himself interested in ecological technology. He is a pioneer in a recycling movement in his country and after he has moved to California in USA.

Konstantin Avdienko, ideas for poorer countries

There, he has been involved in research on solving the problem of water drought. Konstantin made an invention that can solve the pressing problem of the scarcity of water. He first worked in a prototype, he has worked on a system of ecologic and renewable water supply systems. While being the Vice President of a branch of Engineers Without Borders, he uses to travel to countries of the third word to work on engineering projects which benefit the people there.

He has created a “water condenser” using materials that can be found at a hardware store. Avdienko put together a solar-powered fan, which pulls air inside the ground through a PVC pipe. The air is then cooled by copper wiring underground, to the point where this air becomes water. Then, the water is collected in an underground container.

In a sunny day, a third of a gallon of dew can be collected just in that day. He realized about the possibility of doing this while looking at the condensation process in a glass of water. It was like looking at the water outside the glass and wondering why not to reuse it.

He has found a solution for the poorest communities. He has also entered it in USD’s Changemaker Challenge, as an innovation in the competition asking students to kick ideas and inventions to make the world a better place. He has encouraged small farms to use things like this.
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