Lilly Wachowski proofs that is never too late

American filmmaker Andy Wachowski, has followed into the footsteps of her sister Lana Wachowski; who four years ago revealed that she was transgender. The youngest one of the Wachowskis announced her sex change after the media threatened to tell her story. Andy, now Lilly, said: so yes, I’m transsexual.
Lilly Wachowski proofs that is never too late

In response to that threat to get her out of the closet, she prepared a statement, which has made public her status as transgender and which has fueled the debate on the media’s right to disclose the sexual identity of celebrities against their will. She also said she was happy to commit to this progress, although she had been forced to expose her gender transition earlier than she wanted, she has done without giving into blackmail.

The filmmaker explains that she has the support of her family, especially from her wife Alicia Blasingame, and her friends, but also gives special recognition to her fantastic sister Lana who took the step before her.

For Lilly, the words “transgender” and “transition” are difficult and states that the transition will continue throughout her life; she acknowledges that it is a struggle to understand her own identity. The filmmaker has said: being transgender is not easy. We live in a gender binary world. This means that when you are transgender you have to face the harsh reality of living the rest of your life in a world that is so hostile but that will not put her down.

The GLAAD activist group was delighted that Andy Wachowski, now Lilly, was able to show her true identity but stated that journalists must learn that forcing someone out is unacceptable weather you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual…

Lilly and Lana Wachowski have written or directed some of the most creative and ambitious projects of the last two decades, including: Bound, the Matrix trilogy, V for Vendetta and the Sense8 TV show.