Maddie Bradshaw’s Snap Caps made her a millionaire


A straight A student, with a passion for art and sports who managed to make over a million dollars before she was 15 years old. One day Maddie was looking at her locker and decided that it was “boring”, since Maddie and her family are one of those recycling kind of people, she headed to her uncle’s soda machine. Little did she know how that would complete change her life.

Maddie Bradshaw’s Snap Caps made her a millionaire

Maddie took one of the caps, attached something magnetic so she could put it in her locker and decided to create a simple design: Einstein’s portrait in an abstract way, she only used black and white. She placed her in her locker; her friends saw it and they began to ask her more and more designs for their lockers.

Snap Caps was the name Bradshaw gave to her new business. She managed to save around 300 dollars and using the original idea made necklaces. They were simple, pretty and girls could switch the cap if they wanted to. Then she decided to sell 50 to a store, those were sold out pretty quick. The store asked Maddie to make more Snap Caps for them and that is how a lucrative business was born.

As for today Bradshaw’s Snap Caps designs can be seen and bough in over 100 stores across the United States, The Bahamas and Canada. Maddie’s invention can be worn on bracelets, necklaces, and hairpins. All of her designs are exchangeable which makes it even better. She sells around 50,000 caps and necklaces per month.

Being a millionaire has not changed Maddie’s lifestyle. She is still in high school as a full time student and practices sports on a regular basis. Maddie Bradshaw’s business is still successful, and both her mother and her sister help her with it even though she has around 20 employees.