The first model wearing her hijab

Last august, the big mark H&M dropped a campaign of recycling all the clothes its clients did not want to wear anymore. Middle September was “Close The Loop” the marketing campaign which all the new clothes made with the former recycled ones. Nevertheless, this was not everything.

The first model wearing her hijab

H&M has also introduced new stereotypes of beauty. The giant Sweden has chosen a new set of different geographic origin models and all kinds of looks. It has been thought as a way to help open minds.

One of the more attractive faces found in this initiative is Mariah Idrissi, she is 23 years old and from London, Muslim and was chosen to role in this project, posing for a filming which is awakening opinions even in a polemic way.

She wears her hijab and has declared that women wearing the hijab in the fashion world have been usually ignored, like if they did not even exist.

Mariah Idrissi has become an icon, a symbol for Islam women. She wears her hijab very proudly, making of it one of her main accessories, as something chic and sober, along with her shades and the piercing she has in her nose. Her message while modeling is be what you believe and be with proud.

This is an opposite position to Oriana Fallaci, who took the hijab off during an interview in 1979 and told it was a “medieval stupid Remora”.

Idrissi is seen in the video and print format wearing this beautiful headscarf among a lot of different models like an amputee, a group of Sikh men wearing turbans, and plus-seized models.

She has been interviewed by several interview programs in important TV channels and newspapers. Mariah is not only concerned about making a name for herself in fashion. She also wants to inspire women all over the world rising her image as part of her equality message.