The tattooed rescuer, Anja Ringgren Lovén

This story went viral recently; a tiny –baby- boy was naked, filthy, skeletal, hunched over by malnutrition, drinks greedily from the bottle offered by a blond woman squatting down. She is Anja Ringgren Lovén, founder of the Danish NGO DINNødhjælp, serving orphans in Nigeria.

The tattooed rescuer, Anja Ringgren Lovén

The child was just two years and he had been living for the past eight months on the streets, surviving off the leftovers. He was abandoned by his family by pure superstition; his mother thought she had given birth to a witch so she abandoned him. Anja gave the little boy a name: Hope.

Anja gave details about the encounter on her Facebook account along with the heartbreaking images: how she delicately picked the baby with a blanket and took him to the center of the NGO, where he received his first bath since he was abandoned along with medication for parasites infesting his body. Hope now lives in a shelter and shows great improvement

Anja Ringgren Lovén, has been a kind of savior. After quitting his job as a store manager in 2011, she traveled to Africa to carry out humanitarian work. She realized the precarious conditions in which millions of people live due hunger and poverty. Ringgren decided to support the neediest ones and help them have a better life.

One of the cases that concerned Anja the most was the “witch children” one, so she founded DINNødhjælp, a charity organization that supports small children accused of witchcraft and is looking to put an end to the infant’s persecution under those suspicions.

Anja and her team take care of the children accused of witchcraft, housing them in an orphanage where they receive food, medical treatment and education. The work has not been easy since they work through donations. If you want to support the work of Anja and her organization, you can make a donation through her page