The Defiant and Successful Business Woman Sophia Amoruso

A vivid example of the American dream. Sophia was not an easy person to deal with, could not hold on to a job for a long time and was basically tired of jumping from job to job. One day while checking MySpace she came up with an idea that will make her rich, she did not know it but she would create a fashion empire from her computer.

The Defiant and Successful Business Woman Sophia Amoruso

Amoruso was born in San Diego, California on April 20 (1984). During her early years she was diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder and depression. She dropped out of school and started homeschooling after such discovery. While working in order to pay for her illness she discovered her passion online and so it all began.

After having developed a system in which she made purchases through eBay and then sell the stuff she got online, she came up with the Nasty Gal Vintage store idea. She borrowed the name from a Betty Davis record.

MySpace and eBay were the tools Amoruso used to start her business with nothing more than a phew bucks, HTML and Photoshop knowledge. At first she managed everything, the packaging, publicity, photographing the models, taking care of the clothes; until 2008, Sophia was 22 years old when she made the decision to launch, her online store.

Little by little Amoruso began to sell even original designs, even going beyond vintage and also having a catalogue with others designers work. All the hard work paid off, Amoruso’s fortune is estimated to be around 300 million dollars.

#GIRLBOSS, is how Sophia named her book. It was published by Portfolio in 2014. Unfortunately, in 2015 she made an announcement no one was expecting. Amoruso had decided to resigned as the CEO of Nasty Gal. Apparently the reason for this was that she was no longer interested in managerial positions.