The Media Man Jonah Peretti

Jonah H. Peretti was born January 1, 1974 in Manhattan. He graduated from University of California and at the MIT Media Lab and as a teacher at the Parsons School of Design and at NYU. His biggest contribution is the conception of BuzzFeed in 2006 ; an entertainment company that shares all kinds of information about music, films, games, health, science and more.

the media man jonah peretti

Peretti’s leadership over BuzzFeed is outstanding, the project has developed to over 700 million people worldwide and has over 200M monthly exclusive visitors, with editors creating engaging lists. Reporters cover the whole lot, from politics to gossiping and of course international news. BuzzFeed has also initiated social advertising to form movements for the world’s top brands. Suffice to say, Peretti also co-founded The Huffingtong Post back in 2005.

Previously to BuzzFeed, Peretti tried some viral projects and considered how information and ideas spread all over the web. He also has some very interesting ideas about group work and individual work. He has told his staff that he does not believe that labor union is the right call for BuzzFeed. He believes unionized companies normally have a “confrontational” relationship among managers and employees, and that of course might not be profitable for workers at BuzzFeed.

Peretti said his company patterns itself to similar companies: Facebook and Google. They strive for less expendable ability by proposing better benefits and compensations. Peretti says he needs to offer top of the top incentives for employees to pick BuzzFeed over any other company, because every company is always hunting for the best talent they can find. He also said mergers regularly define specific roles and job tasks, which could obstruct a bendable and energetic company.

Jonah Peretti is currently living in Brooklyn with his wife Andrea Hammer and twins, he remains the tip of the iceberg for the BuzzFeed Empire.