The revolutions of Lana Wachowski

Larry Wachowski grew up in Chicago, he was always a dreamer that loved comic books, to read and the movies; everything seemed to be normal but it was not. In 2012, Larry told the writer Aleksandar Hemon about his conflicts about his sexual identity since he was a kid. It was not until he met Ilsa Strix when he had the courage to begin to assume his true sexuality, at least in the privacy of their encounters. But dressing as a woman in a room was not enough. His wife could not take it anymore and filed for divorce, which did nothing but increase Larry’s depression.
The revolutions of Lana Wachowski

There has been an aura of mystery about the Wachowskis so the rumors were everywhere. When Larry appeared for the premiere of his movies from 2006 to 2009 he looked thinner and pale, his lips and eyebrows were delineated. Some journalists claimed he was taking female hormones. In 2009 he married Ilsa. The filmmaker had found in her the encouragement to fully live his sexuality.

In 2012, Larry or should I say, Lana was presented to the world. It was through a video in which he appears with his brother Andy and his friend Tom Tykwer German director, with whom he directed the film, Cloud Atlas. -Hi, I’m Lana- was the first thing she said, leaving Larry behind forever. She was wearing a gray dress and fuchsia dreadlocks. She looked good and was smiling and joking with her friends.

The Human Rights Campaign a gay activist group offered Lana a tribute. There she gave an emotional speech saying that she wanted to be a writer, she wanted to be a filmmaker, but as a child there was no one like her she could imitate, she continued: If I can be an example for someone, then the sacrifice of my private life will have been worthwhile.

The wachowskis are known for movies like: The Matrix, V for Vendetta, Cloud Atlas and more. Right now they are working on a TV show called Sense8.