Web Wonder-boy David Karp

He was always interested in technology, when he was very young he started studying HTML on his own, those abilities earned him a couple jobs on his early years: first at Frederator Studios. Later he began working at UrbanBaby as web developer. UrbanBaby, known as message-board website, it allows parents to discuss and ask questions about nurturing.

Web Wonder-boy David Karp

Born on July 6, 1986 in New York. At age 15, he left the respected Bronx High School of Science and started homeschooling. Karp was only 17 and had a decent job, but that was not enough for him, he moved to Japan. He did not tell anyone about it, the company noticed his absence three months later and not because he did not stand out but because of his way of working, he was very remote.

Japan being as technology advanced as it is meant a learning opportunity for Karp. He made the best out of it but lived there briefly and then came back to New York and returned to UrbanBaby job but now he was chief technology. In 2006 the website was sold, Karp got his hands on some capital and decided to invest in Davidville, his own consultancy. He then hired programmer Marco Arment to help him build the business.

During that same year a beta version of Tumblr was launched, in 2007 a public version was released. This blogging site is very different from what we knew of regular blogs and the way they work. You can share all kinds of information weather is entertainment, news or personal and not just texts or pictures, but also videos, gifs, music, quotes, links, audio clips… on top of that you are able to “reblog” from other accounts.

In 2013 Tumblr’s headquarters in New York City, had over 70 million blogs and employed around 100 people. Later on Yahoo! Bought it for over $1 billion.