Ticketbits entrepreneur Jon Uriarte

Jon Uriarte and Ander Michelena were destined to try together and little by little, their effort led them to the top in record time. In just six years, Ticketbis, their company that buys and sells tickets online is now present in presence in 15 countries.

Ticketbits entrepreneur Jon Uriarte

Knowing the weaknesses, surround yourself with hard workers, make sure the idea is accepted and be prepared to work hard to execute it brilliantly. Only then, appears an opportunity to succeed in the digital business. Almost eight out of ten of those who try fail; says the entrepreneur from Bilbao, Jon Uriarte. Prudent ambition, responsible risk and constant austerity are three principles that have guided Uriarte and his company.

Jon is now 38 and he has the support of a staff with a 27 years old average to shape a bet that he and Ander started to consider when the finance world began to stop being attractive. Unknowingly, they both worked for some time in the same company, in the delegation of Morgan Stanley in London.

Being entrepreneurs was an idea they explored separately, they talked and saw an opportunity in the field of selling show tickets, it was something that existed in other countries but not here. Its function seems simple: intermediating between seller and buyer. The challenge was to be the best, most reliable, faster, closer and safer bet.  The youth of its 45 workers is evident and the endorsing seriousness, too. In Ticketbis there are no big offices or even extravagant furniture, just hard work.

There are many proposals with more enthusiasm than realism that Jon had to let go, he says that an idea by itself is worthless. In the online world there are people who may give too much value to your idea because they think it is incredible. We must keep in mind that what is perhaps a good idea for you is bad for consumers.